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Solar Engineering & Technical Consulting

3/5/20244 min read

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Overview 🔍

At Linkedist, we take pride in supporting brands in building their brand awareness on LinkedIn with organic content and an active online presence. We believe that companies representing nearly any industry can achieve success on the platform if the strategy is intact and the content is interesting, useful and engaging to the target audience.

Therefore, we were excited to work with our client Detra Solar and support them on their LinkedIn journey.

Detra Solar is a solar & energy storage engineering consulting company, trusted by over 90 companies worldwide, focused on providing top-quality PV Design services.

Detra Solar services are a combination of in-depth industry knowledge and unmatchable precision. Their PV designs reach maximum accuracy using PVcase, a software developed in their office and favoured by industry leaders, enabling them to elevate smaller companies to top standards.

In September 2022, Detra Solar reached out to our team with a request to strengthen their professional image and brand’s visibility to reach other solar professionals on LinkedIn via organic content. Our team took the challenge with huge excitement, and now we are happy to share the results.


Increase in total followers


Organic posts created


Years of collaboration

The challenge 💪🏼

Prior to starting to work with us, Detra Solar already had their LinkedIn company page, but the communication was not consistent.

The company reached out to us, to take over their content creation on LinkedIn, focused on high-quality content pieces that would help the brand to showcase their expertise in the industry as well as their vibrant team culture.

We took on the challenge and started our collaboration!

Firstly, we optimized the company’s page. The optimization enhanced the professional appearance of the brand's page, ensuring it conveyed a polished image. It involved integrating community hashtags, strategically placing keywords in the ABOUT and headline sections, ensuring the accuracy of contact information, and implementing an effective lead-gen form to encourage interaction with the Detra Solar team.

We then moved to create weekly content for Detra Solar’s LinkedIn page, releasing one content piece per week, totalling four to five posts every month. Regarding strategy, we focused on keeping the variety both in topics and in content type.

Throughout our work together, we’ve balanced more technical posts with content reflecting the team's culture: we’ve shared industry news and updates, relevant reports, attendance at various solar events, site visits, employee quotes, team-building activities and celebrations, and more.

We’ve also experimented with single-image posts, carousels, photo galleries, PDF types of posts, gifs, and videos.

To review the results, we would have monthly results review calls to present monthly statistics and discuss the ideas for the upcoming month. With the analytics in place, we were able to present strategic updates for future content.

Aside from the content, we’ve also held two workshop sessions for the Detra Solar team: one on Personal Branding on LinkedIn and another on LinkedIn Sales to equip the team with LinkedIn-related knowledge.

What we did 🚀

Results 🎯

Throughout 1,5 years of working together, Linkedist has helped Detra Solar grow in the following metrics:

  • Detra Solar’s LinkedIn page grew by more than 2,400 followers.

  • 75 high-quality posts were created, including single-image posts, documents, videos, gifs, carousels, and more.

  • 203 524 Impressions were reached, accounting for 2713 impressions per post on average.

  • 2 workshops on Personal Branding and LinkedIn Sales were done to empower the team with LinkedIn knowledge.

With the solid foundation set, Detra Solar is now continuing to grow its brand awareness on LinkedIn itself.

We are grateful to the Detra Solar team for trusting us on their LinkedIn journey!

The Linkedist team laid the foundations for Detra Solar's Linkedin communication, improved page metrics, and thanks to them, we can continue this journey independently. During our work together, I appreciated not only the smooth communication and timely content, but also the efforts of the Linkedist team to delve into our industry and provide useful insights and ideas.

Ieva Linkevičiūtė, Marketing Project Manager at Detra Solar



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