Top Recommendations for IT and SaaS News Resources

Discover our go-to resources for staying ahead in the tech world, whether you're a founder or a tech enthusiast

Raimonda Kriaučiūnaitė, Creative Copywriter and Project Manager


Top IT/SaaS Resources to Follow to Stay Ahead of the Game

So you are a curious tech professional, constantly seeking knowledge and the latest updates in the industry. The problem is – you don't have time to scroll endless Google pages on the lookout for the TOP resources to follow.

The good thing is we've done the work for you! ✨

Relax, read this blog post, and equip yourself with our recommended LinkedIn profiles, media outlets, podcasts, and more!

Where to start?

Choosing the right resources can help overwhelming. Before you dive in our TOP picks, listen to the words of wisdom by Matas Kibildis, Head of SEO and Growth Marketing at Oxylabs.

“One of the most important things for me is to set an objective about what kind of information is interesting and the most relevant for you. However, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to read everything as soon as possible. Make a game plan: use apps like Feedly to aggregate your sources into one place and schedule a specific time of the day for reading them. Prioritize and filter these sources and be selective about the number of sources to ensure quality over quantity.”

Matas Kibildis; IT; SaaS; SEOMatas Kibildis; IT; SaaS; SEO

👉 Sifted. Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted stands as the foremost media brand dedicated to the European startup community

👉 The Fintech Times. It's the world's first newspaper dedicated only to fintech, sharing the latest industry updates, interviews with professionals, and more.

👉 Forbes - Fintech section. Forbes is a global media company focusing on business, investing technology, and more, with a section on fintech that covers the hottest news in the fintech ecosystem.

👉 TechCrunch - SaaS section. TechCrunch is a global online newspaper based in the US, concentrating on high-tech and startup companies. Explore the latest in-depth analyses of industry news in its SaaS section.

👉 SaaS Mag. A digital magazine featuring the latest news on SaaS, plus some practical tips and tricks for industry professionals. As a bonus, visit their Instagram profile, which is full of interesting and high-value content.

Start your busy day by checking a few go-to media outlets to get the latest SaaS and IT updates, shifting the industry.

We've selected our favorite resources that always share relevant, timely, and high-quality news pieces.

Media outlets

🎙️ Accidental Tech Podcast. Hosted by three developers, Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, this podcast dives deep into tech, Apple, programming, and other related topics.

🎙️ Analog(ue). Analog(ue) is a podcast, created and hosted by Myke Hurley and Casey Liss, discussing how tech devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.

🎙️ Masters of Scale. In each episode, LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman engages in conversations with legendary guests, exploring how companies grow from zero to a gazillion and putting his theories to the test.

🎙️ TechTrends. TechTrends is a podcast that delves into the most recent developments in technology, fintech, and digital realms. It explores cutting-edge technology topics that are impacting every industry and how to apply emerging technology to drive business innovation.

🎙️TedTech. This podcast is great for staying updated with everything that is going on in the tech industry. Sherrell Dorsey, the host, navigates you through the fresh concepts presented by TED Speakers, exploring the intersection of technology, society, science, design, business, and innovation.

Whether you are commuting or cooking dinner, podcasts are the best way to consume information in a comfortable and time-saving way.

Put your headphones on and get ready for some thought-provoking topics on IT and SaaS. 🎧

LinkedIn profiles

Think of LinkedIn as the digital epicenter of the latest industry updates by the key players – whether personal profiles or company pages.

Below are some of our favorite LinkedIn profiles we recommend you start following right now!

Company pages

📍 Surfshark. Surfshark is a rapidly expanding cybersecurity company with a focus on creating user-friendly privacy and security protection solutions to safeguard individuals' digital experiences.

Aside from company updates, they share helpful information and resources on staying safe and secure online.

📍 Cognism. Cognism is at the forefront of high-quality sales intelligence, establishing a groundbreaking benchmark for data excellence and compliance. Trusted by over 1800 customers globally, it stands as a leader in the field.

Their content is full of valuable resources on sales intelligence, plus some questions to the audience that encourage interesting discussions in the comments section.

📍 NFQ. A company specializing in software engineering, business processes, and advisory services within the domains of e-commerce, retail, mobility, transport & logistics, and travel.

NFQ's LinkedIn profile is your go-to place to get the info on the latest industry-related events, plus some insides on their daily work, not to mention practical tips.

Personal profiles

📍 Justina Klyvienė. Founder at Future Leadership and Health Tech Accelerator, who shares the latest updates on innovation, health tech, design thinking, future foresight, and more.

📍 Alec Dewitz. Product Manager at Cadre who talks about AI, product building, and wellness.

📍 Laurynas Pletkus. Founder of SCALE3C, who shares how to solve business problems with mobile-first experience.

📍 Guillaume Moubeche. Founder and CEO of lempire, who provides daily insights on growing a profitable SaaS business.

📍 Alexa Von Tobel. Founder and Managing Partner at Inspired Capital, who talks about entrepreneurship and venture capital. Also, she has a podcast called The Founders Project, where she discusses everything-business with industry professionals.

Do you want to continue looking for extra resources yourself? Amazing! Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind when looking for information online, compiled by Vladyslav Yevstafiev, Business Development Manager at Startup Wise Guys. 👇

How to choose reputable resources?
Vladyslav Yevstafiev; IT. SaaS; Business Development ManagerVladyslav Yevstafiev; IT. SaaS; Business Development Manager
  1. Cross-reference information. Look for the same news on multiple reputable platforms. If the story is only reported by one source, its credibility might be questionable.

  2. Understand the bias of every source. Knowing what it is can help you understand the perspective they might be coming from.

  3. Check the date and context. Sometimes, old news stories are shared as if they’re current.

  4. Quality over sensationalism. Prefer news sources that focus on quality reporting over sensational or provocative content.

  5. Peer reviews and endorsements. In professional and academic circles, peer-reviewed articles and studies are more reliable. Also, endorsements by known experts can add to the credibility.

  6. Look for evidence. Reliable news often includes verifiable evidence, not just claims. Check if the article links to reports, studies, or data.

We’ll be the first ones to confirm that with the fast pace of technology updates, staying ahead of the game is key. Start by diving deeper into the resources mentioned above and equip yourself with the knowledge that will help you stay informed and relevant. 🚀

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