Meet us at the events!

Learn where you will be able to hear our insights or meet the Linkedist team this autumn. Spoiler alert: it's all over the globe.

Raminta Strumilaitė, Brand Manager at Linkedist


Meet team Linkedist at the following events this autumn!

New season – new opportunities for networking, business growth, investments, or new knowledge about the most relevant topics of the startup world. As we’re heading into the autumn season, it's time to rise from the beach chairs and roll up your sleeves to bring some business ideas to life. At Linkedist, autumn has already been planned in advance, as many events are a must-visit for our team.

We invite you to take a look at some of the events we will be visiting this September, and if you are there as well, let us know – we would love to meet you in person and catch up!

So, let’s review.

Startup Fair Adapt 2023

Startup Fair 2023Startup Fair 2023

Organized by Startup Lithuania, the event is the go-to place for every startup enthusiast and entrepreneur out there. This year, they invite us to adapt – to change, to a new environment, and to communicate about it all. Our team is always there to support startups along their journey, so we look forward to seeing the advancements and new ideas that startups come up with each year.

Our CEO, Kotryna Kurt, will be there to discuss “Breaking Barriers: AI-Driven Startups Revolutionizing Traditional Sectors” – What are some of the disruptions happening in sectors often outside of our radar?

Besides Kotryna, you will also be able to meet up with our team members Viktorija Malašauskaitė, Gabrielė Tacionienė, Inesa Sinelnikė, Raimonda Kriaučiūnaitė, and Ieva Kucinaitė.

HR Savaitė Lietuva

HR Savaite LietuvaHR Savaite Lietuva

Confinn’s events have a name for themselves in Lithuania and Latvia for a reason – the conference members receive a significant amount of truly valuable and innovative presentations and speeches. This event brings the biggest concentration of HR specialists in the country, and we will be there as well – bringing you the concentrated content and needed information for your LinkedIn page, so you can remember to follow here.

Interested to talk to our team? Raminta Strumilaitė and Inesa Sinelnikė will be there!

Date & location: September 7, 2023, Vilnius.

Date & location: September 14-15, 2023, Vilnius.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Tech DisruptTech Disrupt

Date & location: September 19-21, 2023, San Francisco.

For the first time this year, we are flying overseas for an event!

Our CEO, Kotryna, will be giving a speech about, you guessed it, LinkedIn – specifically, the power of personal branding for founders. It will be an excellent opportunity to reach a vast international audience and, most importantly, a startup audience and venture into an even wider ocean of new ideas and inspiration.

Kotryna will be looking forward to connecting with you there but make sure to book a meeting in advance!

With many of these opportunities, we are happy to share our expertise, connect with the audience, and discover new startups that may need guidance on their LinkedIn journey.

If you are at any of these conferences, write us a message and come say hello – let’s catch up!