Navigating the LinkedIn Algorithm: A Startup's Guide to Visibility

Learn to navigate the LinkedIn algorithm, harnessing the best empowerment for your startup.

Goda Aukštikalnytė, Marketing Assistant at Linkedist


While LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to meet and collaborate, it is still a social media that has algorithm rules like any other. It is true that learning the algorithm influences the performance of LinkedIn posts, and for startups, it’s one of the best ways to get visibility. Creating a post and taking into account some key algorithm rules can enhance the visibility and overall performance of the posts, resulting in great achievements in the long run.

However, the algorithm changes frequently, and not all the news is available or posted by LinkedIn to keep all users up to date. While some of them are disclosed and announced, more often than not, people have to test and see what has changed with the LinkedIn algorithm.

“Knowing about the LinkedIn algorithm is important because it can significantly impact your success on the platform.”

Mic Adam, LinkedIn Trainer Ambassador Coach

Mic Adam; LinkedIn AlgorithmMic Adam; LinkedIn Algorithm

Finding out about the changes in the LinkedIn algorithm can be tricky – not all of the news is shared by LinkedIn itself, therefore, some people resort to finding out themselves or following content from bigger creators on the platform.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of people who share what is changing with LinkedIn, and some of them even have dedicated teams for finding out all the news of LinkedIn:

Michaela Alexis is not only a great LinkedIn Learning instructor, but she also provides insights on the changing LinkedIn algorithm in video and text format for readers’ comfort. She also features a LinkedIn page, where all the news can be found in one place.

Where to hunt the latest algorithm news?
Richard Van Der Blom; LinkedIn AlgorithmRichard Van Der Blom; LinkedIn Algorithm

Richard van der Blom has a dedicated team that looks over and tests the latest changes in the LinkedIn algorithm, providing the answers and results to his audience. Sometimes, he also shares input from LinkedIn’s staff.

Michaela Alexis; LinkedIn algorithmMichaela Alexis; LinkedIn algorithm
Kevin D. Turner; LinkedIn algorithmKevin D. Turner; LinkedIn algorithm

Kevin D. Turner shares the hottest news on what changes on LinkedIn in his personal newsletter and also provides updates in his personal content.

How can startups make the most out of LinkedIn’s algorithm?

When creating content for a startup page on LinkedIn, everything starts with post structure and later depends on the engagement of the audience

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to the LinkedIn algorithm:

📍 When creating a post, consider how to make your audience engage. Crafting an attention-grabbing hook and an inclusive CTA could benefit your content. We have a lot of tips on LinkedIn copywriting here.

📍 Post various content types. It is true that the LinkedIn algorithm favors one content type over the other, so even if you’re not up-to-date with the news, you can still score better engagement rates by keeping your content various. However, try to avoid external links, LinkedIn always wants its users to stay on the platform.

📍 Get to know your audience. While you can figure out what your startup’s target audience is, you still need to analyze what it prefers in terms of LinkedIn content. Track your analytics to find out the best days to post and the most suitable content types.

📍 Comments are key. Ask a question or provide a discussion-worthy statement at the end of your posts to encourage people to comment. The third comment in a thread rewards your post with more impressions.

Make sure to follow these tips and track how your engagement changes over time! 🚀

“Create posts with your audience in mind and add value […] Today’s secret sauce is getting comments.”

Mic Adam, LinkedIn Trainer Ambassador Coach

A rundown of the latest algorithm news

Even though the LinkedIn algorithm is not constant, right now, we have some significant changes that can positively impact your content and activity on LinkedIn. Here’s a rundown of the most important changes we gathered from Richard van der Blom:

  • New content creators can experience +20% growth since LinkedIn is now showing more of their content on the news feed.

  • Text+Image posts are still the most popular, followed by text-only, video, and document post types in favor of LinkedIn’s algorithm.

  • People saving your posts results in 2.4x more reach. Make sure your content is beneficial and valuable!

  • The first hour after publishing a post is still the most important. However, LinkedIn also rewards those posts that get engagement after 6 or 10 hours, so make sure that your viewers come back to the post.

  • Having multiple comment threads with 5+ comments will result in 35-45% growth.

What is most important about the LinkedIn algorithm is that you have to be on the hunt for new features and updates. Following those changes and implementing them in your content strategy can result in accelerating growth.

All in all

LinkedIn's algorithm will constantly change, and there is no way out of it. However, by following the latest updates and news, as a startup, you can tailor your content to become algorithm-friendly and reach great engagement and impression results that will eventually grow to brand awareness and visibility.