1 hour





different topics

Personal branding
  • How to establish your personal brand on LinkedIn?

  • How to optimize your profile and showcase expertise?

  • What content to create to engage with your network, and attract relevant opportunities?

LinkedIn company pages
  • How to create and optimize company pages?

  • How to engage with followers, and raise brand awareness?

  • How to connect with the target audience to ensure a business growth?

Advertising on LinkedIn
  • How to use Campaign Manager?

  • How to create impactful campaigns?

  • How to define specific audience segments, optimize ad performance, and achieve marketing goals?

Sales on LinkedIn
  • How to utilize LinkedIn's sales capabilities to drive revenue?

  • What are the effective sales techniques?

  • How to build valuable connections?

Employer branding on LinkedIn
  • How to attract top talent and enhance company reputation as an employer?

  • How to create engaging content for employees, and showcase company culture and values?

  • How to build a strong employee advocacy program?