Watch Out for These LinkedIn Trends in 2024!

Find out what you can expect from LinkedIn in terms of new trends in personal and business profiles in 2024

Raminta Strumilaitė, Brand Manager at Linkedist


Pantone releases a new color of the year, everyone has already shared their Spotify Wrapped, companies are doing reviews of their yearly goals, and everyone is excited for a new start and a fresh slate. Those are the most prominent ways to tell that a new year is fast approaching, and so are some new trends to look out for in marketing, and in particular, on LinkedIn.

2023 was the year when LinkedIn surpassed 1 billion users and brought some fantastic changes and updates. With the platform evolving further, let’s discuss some up-and-coming trends that we see growing in 2024!

Partnerships and monetization

With the possibility of marking your content as sponsored becoming available this year, so did influencer marketing on LinkedIn. It has yet to reach the level of other social media channels, but because of its unique audience, even more partnerships are to be seen.

Creator monetization is another thing to hopefully look out for, as creator mode and other tools are signaling that the possibilities are there and the creators are ready.

What content will you put out for 2024? We recommend keeping it authentic – there’s nothing like a diamond in the rough! With both personal and business profile content, try to share some real and pure moments from your day-to-day life; go behind the scenes.

Try to think of a different, braver approach to your content that would be more relatable to your audience – display your content through storytelling and do not sell with the very first line.

Discover what makes your business’ story unique, and share it – that’s the type of content that stands out. People connect with people, so that’s what your business should be talking about, too.

Authentic, unpolished content

Suppose you are comfortable putting yourself out there with videos and are ready to stay consistent with your content. In that case, videos continue to be the best way to differentiate yourself and your profile from the crowd.

Standing out with videos

"LinkedIn is a place where people are avoiding posting videos the most, not like or other social media channels. People are still hesitant to put themselves on camera. However, as a trust building excercise, there’s no better way to put yourself out there, and stand out when coming in fresh to the platform.”Andy Barden, co-founder of Think Unconventionall.

Even though video content is not so much a trend anymore but more like an industry standard, some people argue that it’s one of the best ways to grow your profile and engage with audiences.

Andy Barden, co-founder of Think Unconventionall. Andy Barden, co-founder of Think Unconventionall.

Stay short and sweet, but also explore “edutainment” type of content – something that is both entertaining and educating at the same time.

Content creator Salina Yeung prepares her content in batches so she is ready to keep up with it, but she also uses carousels and still images to mix it up.

LinkedIn content by Salina Yeung
LinkedIn content by Salina Yeung

Another thing that has grown immensely and is here to stay is personal branding. Think about it: LinkedIn is making it super easy to become a content creator, position yourself as a professional, and even become a LinkedIn influencer.

With features like “Collaborative articles” and “Top voice” badges that showed up this past year, we can see that LinkedIn is coming up with even more ways to make sure you are showing your professional self on the platform.

Rock-solid personal branding
Kotryna Kurt - top voice
Kotryna Kurt - top voice

There’s still a question on what new ways of personal branding LinkedIn will introduce in 2024. However, it still comes down to a fact – strong, authentic personal brand presence is making a difference in how the audiences interact with our content, especially on LinkedIn.

There were a couple of beta versions of AI integrations this year – AI for writing content, a premium feature of profile optimization, etc., but they were just a toe-dip in the water.

With AI being a prominent part of marketing and social media, we expect some new AI tool integrations to make our lives easier.

In addition, diverse visual content with the help of A.I. has also been strengthening people’s personal brands – having unique images created by tools such as DALL-E or Midjourney is what made their content stand out this year.

Creativity with AI

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While we are waiting for the updates above and new surprises, sometimes it’s hard to catch them while they are hot. For that reason, we always recommend staying in the loop with the news about LinkedIn, and here are some profiles to follow:

  • Linkedist. Linkedist shares news and helpful, up-to-date tips for personal brand and company page optimization.

  • LinkedIn News. LinkedIn News shares business and professional news, which can help you produce trending content and maximize your engagement.

  • Kevin D. Turner shares the hottest news on what changes on LinkedIn in his personal newsletter and also provides updates in his personal content.

  • Richard Van Der Blom has a dedicated team that looks over and tests the latest changes in the LinkedIn algorithm, providing the answers and results to his audience.

Look out for the Latest Updates

LinkedIn has been expanding and exploring some new features this year, and it is bringing some fascinating results to the community. In 2024, anticipate a heightened focus on AI tools and possible integrations of monetization, bringing personal branding to the forefront.

Finally, being active on LinkedIn is currently a thrilling prospect, and staying informed about the most recent updates and trends is crucial for optimizing the platform to achieve your personal or professional objectives.

Final word