Startup Accelerators 2024 – What Programs to Consider?

Explore a list of the accelerator programs for startups to enroll in 2024 and learn the benefits of joining an accelerator program.

Raminta Strumilaitė, Brand Manager at Linkedist


The startup community has been generating some fascinating numbers over the years – according to Crunchbase projections, approximately 1,435 startups have achieved unicorn status, securing more than $848 billion in funding and boasting a collective company valuation of around $4.9 trillion.

However, there are many hindrances to overcome to be among the highest ones, and one of the main challenges is funding. Startup Accelerators are a great place to begin your journey and network with potential investors, present your idea to the decision-makers, and get noticed! They provide the necessary support for entrepreneurs along the way, grant funding possibilities, and encourage networking between other creators and professionals.

We've consulted numerous startups, offering insights on leveraging LinkedIn to enhance lead generation, visibility, and brand distinctiveness. In this instance, we've compiled a roster of 12 Startup Accelerator programs serving worldwide audiences, designed to facilitate your initiation into the entrepreneurial realm. Explore these opportunities to bolster your startup journey and connect with the vibrant startup community.

A startup accelerator is a program designed to support early-stage startups in their development and growth. It typically provides various resources, such as mentorship, funding, access to networks and workshops. An accelerator aims to help startups achieve significant advancement, reach their goals, and provide investment opportunities.

The accelerators vary in their duration, but these stages are typical among many programs:

  • Mentorship: Early-stage startups receive guidance and advice from experienced mentors who can provide valuable insights and connections.

  • Funding: Startups may receive seed funding from the accelerator or investors connected to the program.

  • Workshops and training: Accelerators offer educational workshops and training sessions to help startups develop specific skills and knowledge.

  • Networking: Startups are given opportunities to network with other startups, mentors, investors, and experts in their field.

  • Office space: Startups may be provided with office space to work from during the program.

  • Support services: Startups are often given access to support services such as legal, financial, and HR assistance.

The resources for successful startups continue beyond accelerators. There are plenty of other ways to improve, network, and help you begin your startup journey:

📍Startup Lithuania - pre-accelerator & online school.

📍Vilnius University Tech Hub - pre-acceleration program in Vilnius.

📍Garage48 - various types of hackathons.

📍Y Combinator Startup School - online materials for building your startup.

📍Sting - helps people transform their ideas into businesses.

📍TalentX – specializes in startup recruitment, collaborating with founders,

and encouraging smooth networking processes.

Check them out to make sure to stay in the loop about all things-startups!

What is a Startup Accelerator?
Additional Resources for Startups

Maybe you are looking for mentorship on scaling your startup on LinkedIn?

We are here to help you guide your way through your LinkedIn journey.

European Startup Accelerators to consider in 2024

We have condensed a list of 12 worldwide accelerators and their locations, what investments they offer and their duration.

Here’s the summary:

Accelerator programs, 2024
Accelerator programs, 2024
Key benefits of Startup Accelerators

So, are startup accelerator programs worth it? We say – very much yes! It’s a unique environment with many advantages that startups get during and after the program.

Here are some of the benefits to consider:

Community and mentorship:

  • Strong sense of community and mentorship.

  • Networking extends beyond professionals to include entrepreneurs, creators, and business associates.

  • Valuable advice and support in navigating startup challenges.

Opportunities for collaborations:

  • Potential for collaborations, partnerships, investments, and increased visibility.

  • Networking opens doors to various opportunities for startups.

Access to resources:

  • Access to resources like office space, legal services, marketing support, and technology platforms.

  • Assistance in overcoming challenges that can be difficult to tackle independently.

Funding opportunities:

  • Opportunities for funding through demo days and pitch simulations.

  • Preparation for future fundraising efforts or immediate funding prospects.

Intense, focused development:

  • Dedicated time for intense, focused development during the accelerator program.

  • Rapid validation of ideas and refinement of business models.

So, if you're considering startup acceleration, these programs offer a plethora of benefits, from building a supportive community to accessing resources and funding opportunities. It's a unique journey that propels startups to another level of networking and development.

Final Thoughts

As the startup network continues to grow worldwide, numerous possibilities await those starting on their entrepreneurial journey. If you're just stepping into the startup world, we trust that our curated selection of recommendations will help you in identifying the ideal program tailored to your needs as you navigate this path.